"As your personal and valuable resource, I will use my dedicated spirit with your combined effort to help guide you in adding health to your life.  I am a big believer in addressing the cause not the effect, same as fixing the issue and not masking the symptom."

-Sarah Batz-Dubovsky


Specialty services


Solo Fitness Design

  • Perfect for those that do not want one on one or group training, but need help with designing and progressing a workout plan
  • Remote/online training available 


Golf Fitness

  • Titleist Performance Golf Fitness Assessment: includes a movement screen and report of findings
  • Training sessions with golf specific focus


Get Fit

  • Training sessions to address any fitness goals: weight loss, improve cardiovascular endurance, increase strength, etc


Move Better

  • Training sessions that focus on stretching, foam rolling, dynamic warm-up and cool down


Movement Dysfunction

  • Corrective Exercise Assessment: includes a movement screen and report of findings
  • Training sessions to improve and return normal function